SSAFA Cyprus Speech and Language Therapy

Helping those with communication difficulties with advice, training, assessment and therapy.

The role of a Speech & Language Therapist
Where can we help?
How can we help?
How you can access this service
How we work
Useful resources


The role of a Speech & Language Therapist

Speech and Language Therapists are certified members of the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists and are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

We offer assessment, diagnosis and therapy intervention to anyone with Speech, Language and/or Communication needs (SLCN) and provide support, advice and training for parents and professionals to ensure Communication Friendly environments.


Where can we help?

We see people in the Speech and Language Therapy clinic, schools, nurseries, Early Year’s settings, family centres, medical centres, residential homes and via teletherapy.

We aim to work collaboratively with health, education, social care, the voluntary sector and families as communication involves everyone to ensure the best possible outcomes.


How can we help?

Our caseload is made up of children with Speech, Language and Communication difficulties such as:

  • Late talkers
  • Speech sound-system delays and disorders
  • Articulation difficulties
  • Auditory processing and memory problems
  • Hearing impairment
  • Listening and attention issues
  • Difficulty understanding spoken instructions
  • Difficulty putting words together in phrases and sentences
  • Higher level language issues (understanding implied meanings / following humour / understanding sarcasm / sequencing ideas together)
  • Stammering / Stuttering / Dysfluency (all the same thing!)
  • Loss of voice / hoarse voice
  • Co-ordination difficulties that may affect speech (dyspraxia / Developmental Co-ordination Disorder)
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Social Communication Disorder

We also see adults if they have concerns about disorders of communication – we are able to provide general support and advice and indicate pathways to more specialist services if required:

  • Voice loss
  • Stammering

Please also see our Language Through Play pdf download, which provides some great immediate tips to help you with your child's development.



How you can access the service

We operate an Open Referral System so that anyone can refer themselves or someone who they are concerned about (signed parental / guardian consent must be obtained before referral can be accepted). 

Please complete our Speech and Language Referral Form and return it either to:

Speech and Language Therapy, SSAFA Families’ Centre, Akrotiri Medical Centre, RAF Akrotiri, BFPO 57

or via email to


How we work?

Our Speech & Language Therapists use Evidence Based Practice, that means that the intervention, delivery and therapy programmes are based on current research and best outcome measures.


Useful Resources

I Can - the children's communication charity

Provides guide to children’s speech, language and communication including Ages and Stages of how speech sounds and language develops at different ages.


The Communication Trust

The Communication Trust provides resources for parents and professionals. They have excellent online short courses to support anyone working with children with communication needs – separating these into Early Years, Nursery, Primary and Secondary




Support and useful, practical advice for parents and professionals concerned about children’s speech, language and/or communication. Ideas for apps that can help, and other free resources to support you.


National Stammering Association

Information and support for people who stammer, and for parents of children who stammer.



City Lit

City Lit adult education run groups and intensive programmes for adults who stammer



National Autistic Society UK

The leading charity for people on the autism spectrum and their families. They provide support, guidance and advice, as well as campaigning for improved rights, services and opportunities to help create a society that works for autistic people.



Singing Hands

Makaton is a signing system to support spoken language. The Signing Hands website provides resources – some of which are free to download and links to training courses.



Accredited Speech and Language training courses supporting those that work in schools and nurseries.




Hanen communication programmes support parents who have children who are late talkers / social communication difficulties / Autism spectrum disorders.  (SSAFA Speech and Language Therapists are Hanen tutors and use the Hanen principles working with under 5 year olds with language delay and disorders)



NAPLIC was founded for professionals supporting children with Speech and Language difficulties.