How you can help

Explore the types of activities SSAFA volunteers get involved with.

Volunteers are incredible. We simply could not reach as many people and make such a difference without them.

From representing SSAFA at events, raising awareness of the support on offer, to delivering personalised help to individuals and families in their time of need, there are many ways to get involved.

Our volunteer opportunities are tailored to different skills, interests, and the time you have to give. You don’t need any previous experience of military life, just a commitment to share our values and our desire to create a society in which the Armed Forces, veterans and their families can thrive.

Share with us your ‘why’ and we will show you how, together, we can make a difference.  Read on to find out the different types of activities you could be involved in when joining our network of trained volunteers from across the UK and worldwide.

Ways you can help

Provide assistance to those in need

Experience first-hand how SSAFA support can make a significant difference to peoples' lives.

You could choose to guide someone transitioning out of the Armed Forces to civilian life through our Mentoring Service; offer assistance to those seeking financial, practical or emotional support as a Caseworker or Community Volunteer; or help to alleviate loneliness and isolation as a Visitor or Community Connection Champion. These roles are the heart of our service delivery, enabling our support to reach thousands of people every year.

If you are a ‘people person’, approachable and non-judgemental, help us deliver SSAFA support to people when they need it.

Fundraising and awareness

Help ensure the delivery of our life changing services to the Armed Forces community by raising awareness, funds, and support for SSAFA.

Harnessing your resourcefulness and influence, you could organise or participate in events and activities as a Fundraiser or Community Engagement Volunteer; develop local community networks and action as Chair; or shape our online community as a Digital Marketing Volunteer. Generating support for our work is crucial to sustaining our ability to meet the needs of the Armed Forces community.

If you are proactive, can engage with others, and would like to champion SSAFA, help us to raise our profile in your local area.

Supporting your local SSAFA

Join your local team to ensure the continued operation of SSAFA in your local area.

You could choose to ensure the smooth functioning and support of the local team as Secretary, organise data or people as a Volunteer Coordinator or Administrator, or give your time to balancing the books as Treasurer or Finance Coordinator. With many local roles on offer, whether you are looking to leverage your experiences, or seek opportunities to enhance your skills, a local team awaits your valuable contribution.

If you have good interpersonal skills, are organised and reliable, help us in managing and coordinating SSAFA activities within your local area.

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