SSAFA Christmas Appeal

Help us help those Forces families in need, at Christmas and throughout the year.

SSAFA Christmas Appeal

Help us help those Forces families in need, at Christmas and throughout the year.

For most of us Christmas is a happy time where we eat, drink and spend some quality time with our families.

But for many of our Forces families, Christmas provides little deliverance from the problems they face, day-in, day-out, and all year round.

This Christmas we are asking people to make a donation to SSAFA, to help us help those Forces families that so desperately need our help.



You will hopefully have already discovered Marc's, Katrina's and Tilak's stories about how SSAFA helped them overcome their problems - health crises, financial difficulties and housing issues - if not, you can read more about them in the side bar.

Every penny that we can raise can go towards people like Marc, Katrina and Tilak, helping them face down personal difficulties that can often feel insurmountable - and opening up a hope-filled future.


How your money can help

SSAFA spends the money you donate in a number of ways.

Front-line support:

£34 covers the cost of a typical home visit by a SSAFA caseworker.  These visits connect our service users to SSAFA, providing the essential first point of contact with SSAFA and the help we provide, whether a simple cup of tea - and even more essential human contact - or ongoing and systematic support for their often difficult and traumatic lives.


SSAFA Family Services:

A donation of £300 will provide the funding for a family to go on one of our Short Breaks for Families with a Disability.  These mini-holidays provide essential relief to the parents of disabled children, whilst also giving those children an amazing time climbing, kayaking and trekking, all the while in safe and welcoming environment.



£18 covers the cost of our freephone number for one day, enabling Forcesline to speak to almost 100 people per day, providing both practical advice and referrals to our more specialist services.


SSAFA Branches:

A day of training for our branch staff costs SSAFA £150 - but ensures that our volunteers are competent in understanding and dealing with the many problems our service users face - from post-combat trauma to the loss of a loved one.

Thank you for your support!

Without you SSAFA could not continue to help our nation's Armed Forces.  Your generosity means everything to us, and to the men, women and children we help every day of the year.


We wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope you have a truly great New Year!