Equality Objectives

SSAFA's equality, diversity and inclusion objectives.

Equality Objectives

SSAFA's equality, diversity and inclusion objectives.

1. Provide appropriate, effective and timely tailor made solutions for our beneficiaries to relieve their need, suffering and distress by providing high quality services to them

a. Have comprehensive stakeholder profile knowledge to ensure inclusive and accessible services which are responsive to diverse needs.
b. Ensure accessible services
c. In practice ensure diversity data and monitoring systems are in place and that data is used appropriately and positively to recruit from under-represented groups

2. Proactively identify, assess and respond to emerging, unmet and changing needs of our beneficiaries in the medium to long term

a. ensure services are responsive to diverse beneficiary needs. Increased satisfaction rates and improved outcomes for groups that currently have lower positive outcomes
b. identify barriers in our service provision that may exclude certain groups of people

3. Continue to be the preferred non-military provider of health and welfare services to the serving Armed Forces and their families

a. demonstrate to commissioners our effectiveness in delivering equality, diversity and inclusion. Increased visibility of our work and commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion

4. Be recognised by the public and key stakeholders as the trusted source of expertise and opinion on the health, social care and wellbeing of our wider Armed Forces community

a. to highlight key diversity issues affecting our Service family

5. Grow and maintain the financial and other resources available to services in support of beneficiaries by maintaining a sustainable financial position

a. demonstrate the return on investment in diversity. In practice measure reduction in staff turnover, reduced reporting of bullying and harassment through staff/volunteer surveys, assess feedback on successful bids/contracts and the role E & D played

6. Achieve operational excellence by introducing a culture of continual improvement

a. to have a diverse workforce and management team and sustain an inclusive work climate
b. to identify and manage the risk of not implementing equality and diversity policy and practice
c. to use our communication channels to keep employees and volunteers informed of equality and diversity issues and promote and share good practice