SSAFA's oldest volunteer celebrates 102nd birthday

14 November 2021

Frank Sykes, SSAFA’s oldest volunteer and WW2 veteran, is celebrating his birthday on 15th November 2021 - and from everyone at SSAFA we wish him the very best!

Few people have dedicated as many years to serving our military as Martin Frank ‘Bill’ Sykes. During his 29 years and 9-month career in the RAF, and subsequent 53 years as a volunteer for SSAFA and other multiple military charities, Frank has put service first.

After being a SSAFA caseworker for 10 years, Frank became the Chairman of SSAFA’s Surrey Branch, a position he held for 25 years, he then took on the job of Branch Secretary and continues to raise SSAFA’s profile through marketing and publicity to this day.

Frank said: “SSAFA is there to help the service personnel of all ranks, and their families. No matter what, it might be for help paying for a funeral or if they have a dispute with the council. We do what we can to help.”

Frank joined the RAF the day after the Second World War broke out. He fought for our country in North Africa and Italy, in jobs ranging from ‘general dogsbody’ to machine gunner on the back of an armoured car during the first Battle of Tobruk, Libya. Frank remained in the RAF in the UK and Cyprus until he retired in 1968.

Lisa Shattock, Director at SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity said: “Frank is an unassuming, modest man, and I am certain he has done more for the military community than we can ever quantify.

“We are extremely proud that a man who has championed so many people in the Armed Forces and has given so much to our country is still dedicating his time to SSAFA, wishing Frank a very happy birthday.”

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