SSAFA Cyprus joins the NHS eRedbook project

28 February 2020

SSAFA is very proud to be part of the NHS England eRedbook Project, providing families in British Forces Cyprus (BFC) with an online system of recording children’s health and development.

The Project has been progressing well, with over 170 accounts set up across BFC and British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK), thanks to the hard work of the Community Health team. New functionality is being added all the time, with parents and carers now able to upload PDF and Word documents as well as photographs. Plus, the introduction of a dedicated section to record milestones, record dental development and the ability to add health contacts. More functionality will be introduced later this year.

Accounts on eRedbook will eventually link to personal digital adult health records as a child grows, meaning that those with an eRedbook will be the first cohort in the UK to have access to their health and development record from childhood.

The benefits of eRedbook

  • Access anytime, anywhere
    Accounts can be accessed from any device and from any location, providing the parent or carer has their login details and an internet connection.

  • Local information
    Accounts holds local information for parents or carers living within the military community in BFC and this content is being developed for BATUK. These are created and monitored by SSAFA employees.
  • Secure data
    The only person able to access the information is the parent or carer, and anyone they have chosen to securely share the record with.

  • Personal family record
    Photographs and notes can be uploaded, making it a personal family record. For example, a parent can upload a photograph of the baby's first solo outing with their dad, the first time they sat up, etc. It also provides the opportunity for a parent or carer who is posted away to upload a photograph of themselves.



Health Service Journal Partnership Awards 2020 finalists

We would also like to congratulate the Cyprus Community Healthcare team, who were proud finalists at the Health Service Journal Partnership Awards 2020, for the category of 'Health Tech Partnership of the Year'. This is an achievement for their innovative work in developing the eRedbook for military families in BFC and BATUK, in conjunction with industry partners Sitekit and support from SSAFA.

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