RAF extends contract with SSAFA to provide welfare service

22 April 2021

Military staff and families face unique challenges such as regular deployments, having to live apart and frequent moves. The SSAFA Personal Support and Social Work Service RAF (PS & SWS RAF) team provides comprehensive and confidential support, with a special focus on services for adults, but including children, young people and their families.

PS & SWS RAF can offer support with stress, depression, difficult relationships, financial problems, resettlement, housing, childcare, equality issues, bereavement, military discharge or deployments. This is a client focused confidential service, that operates outside of the normal RAF chain of command.

Cathie Johnson, Head of Service PS & SWS RAF: “I am really pleased the RAF have opted for the maximum extension of SSAFA’s PS & SWS RAF contract. This is testimony to the dedication, commitment, and hard work of our staff and confirms and validates the confidence the RAF have in our service delivery, even more so through the pandemic – well done to the PS & SWS RAF team”.

Sir Andrew Gregory, CEO of SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity: “SSAFA is very proud of the welfare support it has provided for over 30 years to Royal Air Force personnel and their families, including through the Covid pandemic, and we are delighted our contract has been extended into 2024. I commend our committed and professional staff for their dedication and hard work”.

Please feel free to call our Forcesline if you need any support.

0800 260 6767

We are open 09:00 - 17:30,
Monday to Friday.