Mentoring Team briefs Minister for Defence People and Veterans

26 July 2021

Earlier this month at Vimy Barracks, Catterick Garrison, SSAFA’s Mentoring team met and briefed Leo Docherty MP, Minister for Defence People and Veterans.

Clare Bain, Mentoring Services Manager, provided an overview of the service as well as talking about the service’s expansion to include military families. Part of the discussion included the main areas those transitioning from military to civilian life come to SSAFA for assistance with, which include: mental health, housing, navigating NHS services and promoting self-confidence.

They also spoke in detail about how the future will look, and ways to promote collaborative working across the sector to ensure the best outcome for the service leavers and families.

The minister is very supportive and grateful for the work we do and told us: “Keep up the good work – you do a fantastic job.”

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