Housing advice

Practical housing advice and support to veterans and their dependents.

If it hadn’t have been for SSAFA I would have been in big trouble.

- Christian, Army Veteran

SSAFA can offer impartial guidance around housing issues for those who have left the Armed Forces. Our guidance includes homelessness, housing benefits, accessing social housing, tenants' rights, mortgage arrears, repossession and eviction.

Our advisors cannot give you legal advice but they will look into your situation and explain your options. They can also signpost you to other organisations for help. Advisors also work together with our wider volunteer network to try and source financial assistance that you might need to solve your housing problems, for example finding money for a deposit or to clear mortgage arrears.

Contact us today and we’ll put you in touch with one of our specially trained volunteer caseworkers. Your caseworker will visit you to find out more about your welfare needs and how SSAFA can assist you.

SSAFA's services are only available to people who have received at least one day's pay from the Armed Forces (British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Royal Marines, including Reserves), or are in the immediate family of someone who served.

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