Gurkha services

Gurkha Services provide tailored support for Gurkha veterans and their families who have settled in the UK.

I just want to help the Gurkha community effectively. We must make sure the money goes in the right places, so they get the right support from SSAFA

- Chandra, Gurkha veteran

We work collaboratively with other Gurkha specific organisations such as the Gurkha Welfare Trust, the Gurkha Brigade Association, the Army Welfare Service, Gurkha communities and others.

Our Gurkha services are available to all serving and veteran members of the Brigade of Gurkhas, and their families. We provide local SSAFA volunteers with up to date information, awareness and translation services, to ensure the Gurkha community have the same support opportunities as any other member of the Armed Forces community.

You can contact the SSAFA Gurkha team using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

UK Visas and Immigration documents are going digital

UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) are developing a digital immigration system. This means the Home Office are replacing physical documents with an online record of your immigration status. This is known as an eVisa.

The documents being replaced are:

You can watch 'What is an eVisa' here:


You can watch 'How to create a UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) account and get access to your eVisa' here:

NHS 111

The NHS has released this Nepali-language video on accessing the NHS 111 service - please share this with any members of the Gurhka community you may know.  .

SSAFA's Gurkha services are for people who have served in the Brigade of Gurkhas or are the immediate family of someone who served.

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